Documents required to apply Tourist VISA

To apply the tourist visa, there are basic and essential set of documents to be prepared by the sponsor in Italy. Thereafter those original documents are sent to the invitee and the invitee needs to submit the properly filled visa application to the embassy with all the necessary documents for the approval.


Basic Documents prepared by the Sponsor

  • Invitation Letter (lettera d'invito)
  • Bank guarantee (fideiussione)
  • Medical Insurance cover (polizza sanitaria)
  • Accommodation Letter (dichiarazione di alloggio)
Information required to prepare above mentioned documents :

  • Permesso / Carta di soggiorno
  • Carta d'identita
  • Codice Fiscale / Tessera sanitaria
  • Passport copy
  • Last income decleration (modello cud o unico)
  • Last busta paga o INPS receipt


Documents of the Invitee :
Passport copy
Permanent Address of the country of origin / Telephone number / Profession
The exact date of entry to Italy and the period wish to stay.

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