Tourist VISA

You can use the tourist visa service to invite your family members, relatives or friends to visit Italy on temporary basis. Tourist visa is issued upto a maximum period of ninety days to stay in Italy. Visitor can decide a period of stay less than o equal to ninety days as required and staying beyond the granted visa period is considered as illegal.

You can easily apply tourist visa to invite your family members (husband / wife / mother / father / son / daughter) to Italy and when applying visa for relatives or friends necessary supporting documents should be produced as requested by the embassy.

The Italian embassy bears the sole authority to grant visa and the following facts are considered while processing the visa application.

  • The relationship between the personal o institutional sponsor and the invitee.
  • The essential supporting documents are submitted through recognised institutions.
  • The sponsor should prove the capacity to bear all the expenses required to maintain the invitee.
  • When the invitee is a non family member, the invitee's profession and the financial stability should be proved by submitting valid supporting documents.

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