Apply Familiare ( Ricongiungimento Familiare )

Documents required to apply Familiare

Personal Documents :

  • Permesso / Carta di soggiorno

   (If permesso is expired, renewal receipt) 

  • Identity Card (Carta d'Identita)
  • Codice Fiscale / Tessera Sanitaria)
  • Passport copy
  • Residence Certificate (Certificato di Residenza) 
  • Applicat's Land / hand phone numbers


Documents relevant for the Employement : 


Domestic Employees:

  • Job Contract (Denuncia rapporto di lavoro domestico INPS)
  • INPS receipts (M.A.V. Elettronico)
  • Last pay sheet (Prospetto paga)   
  • Last Income Decleration - CUD


Non Domestic Employees (dipendente) :

  • Job Contract (Unificato lavoro)
  • Last Pay sheet (Busta paga)  
  • Last Income decleration - CUD 


Family Member's documents :

Valid passport copies of the family members


Additional information :

If you have already applied family reunion visa (Ricongiungimento familiare) for any of your members earlier, those details should be provided before sending the new familiare application.


A valid Stamp (marca da bollo) of euro 16.00 is required for the application.

You can get free consultation from our organization.

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