Loans to buy Air Tickets - Fly now Pay later

You can apply a short term loan to buy Air Tickets. This loan can be applied individual o a family purpose. Approved loan will be credited to your personal account and can be utilised for your ticket purchases.

Documents required to apply the loan :


Personal Documents :

• Permesso / Carta di soggiorno

   (If soggiorno is under renewal, receipts should be produced) 

• A copy of your first Soggiorno

• Identity Card (Carta d'Identita)

• Codice Fiscale / Tessera Sanitaria

• Passport copies

• Certificato di Residenza

• Bank Statement for the last 3 months (Estratto Conto) / IBAN code of the account

• Applicants Land / Hand phone numbers


For Domestic workers  :

• Job contract (Denuncia rapporto di lavoro domestico INPS)

• INPS receipts (M.A.V. Elettronico) - Last four receipts

• INPS Paid receipts (Ricevuti Pagamenti INPS)

  (Post office, Tabacchaio, via current accounts o online can be paid)

• Decleration letter from the employer 

  (Dichiarazione di lavoro)

• Paysheets for last 3 months (Prospetto paga), if available olny  

• Land + Hand phone numbers of the Employer



For non-domestic workers (dipendente) :

• Job Contract  (Unificato lavoro)

• Pay sheets for last 3 months (Busta paga)  

• Annual Income for the last 2 years (CUD)

• Decleration letter from the Employer 

  (Dichiarazione di lavoro)

• Land phone number of the Employer




For self-employed applicants (Partita IVA)  :

  • partita IVA
  • Visura camerale
  • Income decleration (modello unico)
  • Tax paid receipts (F24)
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months (Estratto Conto)
  • Last balance sheet (Bilancio)



Additional Documents :

  • If your current job is not concluded a period of 12 months, your previous job   contracts and the relevant documents should be produced.

• Your first job contract in Italy  

• Details about your all existing and previous loans / leasing facilities.


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