CQS Loans ( Cessione del Quinto dello Stipendio )

If you employee as a non-domestic worker (dipendente) you can apply for a CQS loan. The loan amount is depending on the financial stability of your employer and your service period. Though you have any difficulties of applying a personal loan the cqs loan can be applied. Whlie granting this loan your liquidation is kept as a security attached to the bank and the loan installments are paid directly via you paysheet.    


Documents required to apply a CQS loan :


Personal Documents :

• Permesso / Carta di soggiorno

   (If soggiorno is under renewal, receipts should be produced) 

• A copy of your first Soggiorno

• Identity Card (Carta d'Identita)

• Codice Fiscale / Tessera Sanitaria

• Passport copies

• Certificato di Residenza

• IBAN code of the account

• Applicants Land / Hand phone numbers



For non-domestic workers (dipendente) :

• Job Contract  (Unificato lavoro)

• Pay sheets for last 6 months (Busta paga)  

• Annual Income for the last year (CUD)

• Decleration letter from the Employer 

  (Dichiarazione di lavoro)

• Land phone number of the Employer



Additional Documents :


• Details about your all existing CQS loans.


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